2020 guide How to sell Bitcoin in the United States Bitcoin Price Hits $9K as Data Shows Miner Revenues Fell 47% in 1 Day

The halving hits as commentators consider the increasing importance of fees for miners going forward, but price volatility lessens. Support above the $8,000 range has yet to appear following the halving, itself preceded by a flash drop in the Bitcoin price which momentarily hit the 200-day moving average around $8,200. Meanwhile, the impact of the event on miners became clearer as data confirmed that on May 12, revenue dropped by around 47%.

From $17.16 million of block subsidies and transaction fees the day previously sell btc to credit card usd, Tuesday’s total was $8.95 million, figures from monitoring resource Blockchain reveal.

The first mining reward of #bitcoin's 4th epoch is 7.16 BTC (6.25 block subsidy + 0.91 in fees). That means 12.7% is made up of transaction fees. An indication of the brave new world of fee-based security we're venturing toward?

Digitized Europe: The Shift to a Cashless World

Emerging technologies such as blockchain are reshaping the landscape of the traditional financial system in Europe. Unlike the United States and Asia, which have a positive attitude toward different innovations and new trends, Europe has been well-known for its adherence to traditions and conservatism. But the time has come to embrace change.