In Germany, traditionally a cash-loving country, sell bitcoin to paypal eur fast have recently surpassed cash for the first time in history. It’s estimated that the main cause of this rapid change in thinking is the newly necessary health-protective measures in the European Union and the rest of the world, forcing people to reconsider their attitudes toward cash. Moreover, the value of payments with a credit card function in Germany has been gradually increasing during the last five years. For example, in 2013, the value of payments amounted to approximately 4.5 billion euros, yet by 2018, this rose to 7.8 billion euros.

In addition, millennials have also contributed to the switch for contactless digital payments, as the younger generation’s trust in new technologies, such as cryptocurrencies, has reached record levels.

More than half of the payments currently made by card are contactless, compared with 35% before the coronavirus crisis hit, according to the German Credit Agency. So, while it seems that cash will not disappear in Germany anytime soon, especially when it comes to smaller amounts, the trend is already there — and accelerating BTC Bitcoin Blockchain Cashout

Meanwhile, China has been at the forefront of such developments with its digital yuan, with corporations such as McDonald’s, KFC and Starbucks reportedly joining the initiative.

Assets such as Bitcoin (BTC) have already been accepted in some countries — for example, Burger King is known as one of the first international fast-food chains to accept it as a means of payment. Visitors were reportedly able to buy burgers with crypto back in 2016 at the Netherlands branch of the fast-food chain. Later, the German branch of Burger King began accepting Bitcoin on its website and mobile app.