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Blockchain rewards platform MiL.k has teamed up with Seoul-based luxury retail space chain Duty Free to provide loyalty points compatibility and management.

The new partnership allows customers to connect their existing rewards accounts to the MiL.k mobile app, according to a press release shared with on May 11.

By using blockchain, we can generate mutual credibility between service companies. Since all the transactions are written on ledgers and encrypted on blockchain, service companies don’t have to worry about any data leakage and just leverage from the synergies within the alliance.” As for transaction fees for trading tokens within the platform, they are set at 1.5%.”It wouldn’t hurt our users since the minimum discount rate that the platform offers is 5% for all the reward purchases

Earlier that year, crypto exchange coupled up with technology services company Tpoint Japan to allow its Japanese customers to trade their loyalty program points for Bitcoin, and earn additional rewards for paying in crypto